"FOLD" | A group exhibition by LEDA Gallery.

"FOLD" | A group exhibition by LEDA Gallery.


- “to bring into a compact form” | A GROUP EXHIBITION BY LEDA GALLERY.



Showing from 01.07.22- 23-07-22.. Available for private viewing by appointment

Opening Night: Saturday the 9th of July.. 6pm-9pm


LEDA gallery brings you the "FOLD" exhibition. A curation of 17 stunning artists showcasing their individual creations and expressions. "FOLD" exhibition includes an enticing collection of painting, sculpture and photography. Including some of Newcastle and beyonds foremost fine artists. The overlay intended within this selection of artists will form a bond and relationship with one another and a unity that brings complete synthesis. "FOLD" exhibition is an exploration of relationships in optic form.




Andreas Proesser | Ben Kenning | Bridie Watts | Brigitte Beyer | Brittany Ferns | Harrison Nuttall | John Barnes | Justin Lees | Kiasmin | Kristy Hussey | Lucy Mim | Marisa Mu | Michael Hannah | Michel Le Goff | Prudence Demarchi | Saltwater Woman | Sam Boyd