EXHIBITION OPENING- Saturday the 2nd of December, 6-8PM 
SHOW RUNNING DATES- 30th of November till the 14th of December, 2023

Ben Kenning is  painter and mixed media artist from Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Ben completed an Advanced Diploma of Fine Art at Newcastle Art School and a Bachelor of Fine Art, Honors at the University of Newcastle, NSW in 2014.During Kennings Honours year at Newcastle Uni in 2014 his research looked into notions of creative flow, scribbling, doodling and automatic drawing.

This research led to the development and creation of a visual language through the execution of learned, yet improvised drawing techniques. Kenning says he has many interests and curiosities within his arts practice. “I see myself as a conduit and reflection of the time and space I occupy. My art, is really not mine at all, or it's something shared, its a confluence of internal and external experiences, impressions and influences and my role in the expression of these things through my art, is as a co-creator.”

'Inner Sanctum' emerges as a visual symphony that explores the depths of the human experience through the nuanced interplay of black and white. This exhibition is a contemplative journey into Ben Kenning's inner sanctum.

In each artwork he seeks to transcend the tangible and delve into the intangible. The monochromatic palette invites viewers to engage intimately with the raw core of each composition. Through a meticulous exploration of the dual and non-dual nature of black and white I aim to unveil aspects of psyche and sub-conscious, laying bare the complexities that reside within our inner sanctums.

These paintings are not merely images on canvas; they are windows into aspects of the the soul, these works are studio investigations which invite contemplation and spark a dialogue between the observer and the observed. The interdependence of dark and light, becomes a metaphor for the duality and non-duality inherent in our existence – the play between motion and rest, chaos and order and life and death.

'Inner Sanctum' is a visual meditation on the interconnectivity of human emotions and experiences. The stark contrast between black and white serves as a visual metaphor for the binaries that define our lives, prompting reflection on the dualities that shape our understanding of self and others. 

Each painting in this collection is a narrative in itself, a fragment of a larger story waiting to be deciphered. It is an invitation to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery, encouraging viewers to find resonance with their own inner sanctums. The paintings become mirrors reflecting the myriad emotions that define our shared humanity.

'Inner Sanctum' is not confined to the canvas; it extends into the spaces beyond the canvas. It is an exploration of the unseen, the unspoken, and the untouched aspects of our inner worlds.