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Michel Le Goff


23K gold leaf | red clay on canvas
Framed |  153 x 103cm
Date of creation | 2000
Place of creation | Florence, Italy
Exhibition History |  “FUSION” at Santo Ficara Gallery, Florence, Italy (2002).

This monogold is part of a group of works created during the artist’s years in Italy when he worked closely with musicians. Using a technique of the artist’s own invention, intricate incisions
are made in the clay red bole base on canvas, before a contrasting smooth pathway is traced across the surface. Gilded using the precious material of 23 Karat gold leaf, the path is burnished to a shine against the textured ground, creating a dazzling surface. “Diminuendo” refers to the decrease in sound and intensity that comes at the end of a piece of music. The gold surface and red clay
underneath, reflects light; changing hue and texture, at different times of the day.

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