Originally from Melbourne and relocated to the Hunter Valley at a young age. 

Visual art and creative writing major Holly Wilson has a continual and evolving focus on her multi medium art practices. She connects with abstract expressionism and minimalism which she incorporates into her individual practice. 

Wilson’s family worked remotely around Australia, giving her the opportunity to experience life out of the usual structures of childhood. These opportunities nurtured her natural desires for exploration, curiosity and creativity. 

She anticipated any opportunity to visit her grandmother who was an antiques and art dealer based in Waterloo, Sydney. Here is where her deep love for art and culture first formed. 

The first years of Wilson’s professional life were studying and working as a florist in the Valley. During this time she explored her passion for still life drawing and music as a singer songwriter. 

Wilson made her decision to relocate to Newcastle to commence her study of creative industries. This enabled Holly to delve further into her interest of fine arts and creative writing, majoring in both subjects at the University of Newcastle.

In the midst of her bachelor degree, Wilson worked as a teacher at the Newcastle Music Academy and continued to develop her music career. 

Wilsons individual art practice delves into the exploration of the relationship between femininity and nature through mixed mediums and abstract expressionism, which she says “draws together my love of nature in its forms and appreciation for femininity. My expression gives a sense of nostalgia and comfort as a woman living in this day and age”.