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Michel Le Goff


23K gold leaf | red clay bole on canvas
Framed | 153 x 103cm
Date of creation | 2000
Place of creation | Florence, Italy
Exhibition History | “FUSION” at Santo Ficara Gallery, Florence, Italy (2002)

This monogold is part of a group of works created during the artist’s years in Italy when he worked closely with musicians. Subtle sculpting of the clay base on canvas, is then gilded using the precious material of 23 Karat gold leaf. “Diminuendo II" evokes the decrease in sound and intensity that comes at the end of a piece of music. The surface reflects light; changing hue and texture, at different times of the day. Gold is a material with an immense universal symbolism: sun, light, heat, divine energy, spirituality and illumination, strength and power, fruitfulness, abundance and immortality.

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