OPENING NIGHT I SATURDAY the 16th of MARCH, 6pm till 8pm

SHOWING DATES I Thursday the 14th of March till Wednesday the 27th of March, 2024 


Kulka Fahey, Is an award-winning, Aboriginal artist currently located on Awabakal land originally from Worimi Country. At 25 years of age, in the past 3 years, Kulka has been selected to have artworks within multiple exhibitions held within the Hunter.

Growing up Kulka has always been creative with either a paint brush or pencil in her hand. Over the past year she has been dedicated to working hard to showcase her artwork and heritage; with the immense desire that one day her art passion, can be her life work and continue to bring happiness to myself and others everyday through my paintings and designs.

Country isn't only a physical place and environment; it is a powerful place of strong symbolic and spiritual connection. Referring to the animals, land, waters and skies that our family and ancestors are connected to. Kulka Fahey recently spent time on not only the country her family origins, but also many throughout the different landscapes that Australia has to offer. The inspiration for this exhibition came from the different observations and environments she has recently been amongst; from that of being within her home country and in the ocean, to that of being in the centre of Australia with nothing but red dirt and sky as far as the eye can see. The colours within these artworks represent the different elements that create Country. When you walk through this exhibition, in each of the separate rooms you will immerse yourself fully in the different elements, feeling a type of connection to each piece and each room.