EXHIBITION OPENING- Saturday the 3rd of February, 6-8PM 
SHOW RUNNING DATES- 1st of February till the 14th of February, 2024

Melanie Sky is an emerging artist working and residing on Dja Dja Wurrung Country in the historic town of Maldon, Victoria, Australia. With a childhood deeply influenced by art, dance, and music, surrounded by the bush in coastal NSW on Darkinjung Country, Melanie developed a profound appreciation for the mesmerising power of nature. Drawing on her inherent energetic connection with the Australian environment, she now channels her passion for movement and the interplay of nature and colour into her multidisciplinary art practice.

Guided by the boundless inspiration found in her surroundings, Melanie's artistic journey is an exploration of her sense of self, place and her connection to the land, which she expresses through the language of colour, materiality and form. Embracing a vibrant palette, Melanie amplifies the intensity of colour and employs diverse techniques to infuse her work with flexibility and fluidity, enabling her to dramatise the landscape through mixed media, captivating shapes, lines and textures.

‘Fuelling the Flames’ explores the profound beauty, resilience and power of Australian bushfires through abstracted aerial landscapes using vivid colours and textures. Inspired by the forces of nature the collection of paintings and woodblock print collages capture the destructive force of the flames and the fuel that powers them.

The exhibition serves as a reflection of my lived experience with bushfires and the fragility of our environment. By presenting the charred landscapes alongside bold colours, I invite viewers to contemplate our role in fostering a sustainable coexistence with the land.