OPENING NIGHT I FRIDAY the 16th of June, 6pm till 8pm

SHOWING DATES I Thursday the 15th of June till Wednesday the 21st of June, 2023 

Step into the world of Meadow, paintings to meditate on nature’s renewal through the magic of flowers by Hunter Valley artist, Amanda O'Bryan.

Meadow - let the flowers tend to you, is an exploration of the natural cycles of growth and change, inviting you to contemplate the dualities of life. From seeding to regeneration, even in the peacefulness of a meadow, life is constantly transforming. Artists, like Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, and Constable, were inspired by the allure of transformation in meadow flowers. As Monet once said, “The meadow changes with every moment, but its atmosphere always exudes vitality”.

The collection seeks to evoke the experience of creative visualisation, a meditation from the imagination as expressive abstract paintings. Continuing the themes of healing, change and growth, the exhibition will show works on canvas, hanging drapes, assemblages, and canvas collages.

While painting Meadow, Amanda held an experimental approach to the creative art-making process, changing and adapting to the forces of the painting in a constant state of flux. The work is flooding on raw canvas with watery glazes and veils of paint with layers bleeding through, nebulously revealing the history and connection of the paint to the raw canvas. Colour is a compositional device that reinforces the intersection between expressive mark-making and colour. The results are lyrical abstracts, forged creating organic floral shapes that are gestural in colour and form.

Amanda initially rejected the title of Meadow, because it seemed too simple, until the phrase “Let the flowers tend to you,” from a favourite song affirmed the body of work, providing purpose for the exhibition.


You are invited into Meadow and let the flowers tend to you.