"INFINITE" I Ashlee Jedrzejak

"INFINITE" I Ashlee Jedrzejak

OPENING NIGHT I Saturday the 3rd of June, 6pm till 8pm

SHOWING DATES I Thursday the 1st of June till Wednesday the 14th of June, 2023 

Creating for Ashlee Jedrzejak is purely work of the soul- the ‘Infinite’.
The richness is within the process. While painting, emotions, feelings, memories and thoughts emerge from the depths of her unconscious and are then reborn onto the canvas to tell their own stories.

Throughout Ashlee's creative undertakings she values the notion of spontaneity and improvisation. The colours and marks made are chosen and embraced by intuition. Symbolism and layers explored within the works are a means of getting to know herself- a deep listening and reflection. Creating in this way brings about awareness. There is then oscillation that happens, between shedding and expanding. A conversation is elicited of unbound creativity- her voice and purpose.

Ashlee Jedrzejak is an Australian artist, art therapist and a mother to two young
boys, she practices in her studio in Newcastle, NSW. Ashlee has exhibited in many group and solo shows, teaching and facilitating community art programs and workshops, as well as engagement in numerous public art projects.

Self-expression and experimentation have always been the inherent drivers for
Ashlee’s art making. Thus, granting her the freedom to be inquisitive- observing and absorbing her surroundings, and pursuing her curiosities in a chance driven and intuitive manner. Ashlee primarily works in the mediums of painting and mixed
media. She has an affinity to create with a kaleidoscopic pallet, using raw
courageous marks, contrasted with the delicacies of meditative patterns.
Ashlee is an immense believer in art and creativity, as a means of self-exploration,
expansion and wellness. She finds it an honourable experience to help guide others to this awareness, through her creations and teachings.