OPENING NIGHT I Saturday the 27th of May, 6pm till 8pm

SHOWING DATES I Wednesday the 24th of May till Wednesday the 31st of May 

Mikayla Osborne is a multi-disciplinary artist, contemporary dancer and choreographer. Her works span across painting and videography, with a focus on improvisational modalities and compositional techniques in contemporary dance. Mikayla's artistic practice is fueled by the visceral nature of forms and how the communication of a solitary idea in various artistic mediums can drastically change.

Throughout her career, Mikayla has been driven by the commentary of perceived reality and the celebration and degradation of the natural world. She creates experimental choreographic works that challenge traditional forms, as seen in her choose-your-own-adventure film 'In the absence, a choice' commissioned by Octapod in 2020. In 2022 Mikayla's won the overall Hunter Emerging Art Prize with her film 'We Fell’ and later that year she debuted her choreographic collaboration with Jack Tuckerman in 'Fault Lines', a performance at The Lock-up that is set to tour in 2023 as a durational work to regional galleries and site-specific spaces.

Mikayla Osborne's solo exhibition 'The State of Us' is the first unveiling of her painting practice. With a background in choreography and composition within the contemporary dance space, Mikayla infuses her works with a sense of movement and reactivity. She takes a playful approach to experimenting with form, symbols, and the temporality of movement.

The exhibition delves into alternate realities and realms, drawing inspiration from the organic and intricate forms found within our natural world. Mikayla explores abstracted realities of both internal and external states, blurring the lines between the objective and personal. Her work asks the viewer to consider the idea that multiple realities of perception can simultaneously exist.