OPENING NIGHT I SATURDAY the 2nd of September, 6pm till 8pm

SHOWING DATES I Friday the 1st of September till Wednesday the 13h of September, 2023 


Raina Thomson is an artist from Canberra, currently residing in Newcastle. Raina’s
thorough exploration of techniques and long time relationship to Abstract-Expressionism has led her to this point - her first solo exhibition.

Raina graduated from The Australian National University with a painting major. This has informed her process as she continues to evolve and combine theory with
experimentation and personal expansion through multiple mediums.Through a
consistent exploration of colour theory and mark making, Thomson’s capacity to imbue herself within her works both physically and mentally communicates great passion and technique.

By exploring the idea of the mind connecting with the body, Raina questions the process of where the motive of unconscious predestination exists within her work. No matter how spontaneous or effortless each piece may seem, they are the results of an ongoing process between Raina and her practice. A sense of fluidity and freedom are thoughtfully developed through the canvas, and with her finely combined skill and analysis audiences are sure to value the evocative reactions she draws out of us.

“PARADIGM”, is the unraveling of RAINA THOMSON'S experience of being a South-Indian woman and a first generation Australian. In order to navigate cultural paradoxes, it is necessary to break down the barriers of traditional constructs. This body of work explores being caught in between two cultures and the unity of identities. By sharing and deepening her voice through materiality, form and colour, Raina is expressing the friction and implications of her rebellion. Here is the space where the mending of separation, shame and healing take place.

“ Open the conversation, and create a space for the audience to understand a narrative that many women have experienced themselves, and to the individuals who have always felt stuck in between. This show is a homage to the journey”

“The essence of breaking”