OPENING NIGHT I Saturday the 16th of September, 6pm till 8pm

SHOWING DATES I Friday the 15th of September till Wednesday the 20th of September 

Andreas Proesser is a photographer and image artist from the beautiful town of Cooma, NSW, Australia. At present, you can find him across NSW: in the Snowy Mountains shooting winter weddings, wild brumbies, and kangaroos, or by the stunning Newcastle beaches before dawn to capture breathtaking sunrises. 

Photography has always been his first love. Andreas discovered his passion in high school, and after winning several awards in local and interstate newspapers, he knew this was where my creative talent would flourish. After several years of self-taught image capturing and experimenting with a range of different subjects, he joined "BIRDSNEST", a prominent fashion company located in Cooma. Andreas has extensive knowledge and skills working with reputable fashion models and like-minded photographers and loved working within the "BIRDSNEST" family. 

Although specialized in fashion photography, over the past few years he had the opportunity to branch into taking professional portraits of families, couples and individuals, and, to his absolute privilege, magical weddings. Alongside this intimate and personal portfolio, he has also been able to artistically curate his love of nature, travel and exploration, by capturing multiple landscapes, urban and street scenes in his professional work. 

Profits from the ANDREAS PROESSER solo exhibition will kindly go to the "GOT YOUR BACK SISTA" foundation.