OPENING NIGHT I SATURDAY the 14th of OCTOBER, 6pm till 8pm

SHOWING DATES I Friday the 6th of October till Wednesday the 1st of November.


Rae Freeman is a painter from Canberra, this incredible artist attended the Canberra School of Art and will be holding her first Newcastle exhibition at LEDA Gallery this month titled "SOL". 

Rae freeman's works are subtle mirrors for both the physical and subtle body, becoming a container for experience and deep mystery. Her practice is materially fluid, as she uses materials of chalks, oils, found earth pigments, and charcoal intuitively to create immersive pieces. Rae feels these works provide an outlet for her spiritual questioning, and the deepening of her own mystical experiences. Rae enjoys the duality and play of the celestial themes against the more internal realms of the human body. 

Her practice is informed by personal experiences of physical and metaphysical
proportions. Rae Freeman's practice is grounded in the exploration of motifs and
symbolism both personal and universal describing etheric states of being, as she
playfully treads the lines of spiritual symbolism, pattern, and decorative arts. The work describes dualities of the galactic and personal, landscapes and
interiors, the intimate and vast.