OPENING NIGHT I SATURDAY the 20th of JULY, 6pm till 8pm

SHOWING DATES I FRIDAY the 19th of JULY till WEDNESDAY the 31st of JULY, 2024 



Musings is Holly Terry’s latest body of large-scale works exploring my all of the things that contribute to daily life, the gentle observations that occur from day-to-day. Beginning to move away from grandiosity and larger scale ideation, this body of work holds a tighter focus on the more subtle daily happenings which create smiles, laughter, and moments of content.

‘Musings’ explores ideas characterised by stillness and calm, but also silliness, playfulness; the way that a smile, or a star, both motifs that are recurrent within these works remind us that we still have the ability to be playful, that some part of us remains childlike, even as life begins to feel heavy or more serious. Holly pays homage to these elements and their omnipresent nature, even as our emotions alter from one day to the next. Holly incorporates new and old practice techniques to represent this, ranging from energetic mark making, textural addition and subtraction, recurring motifs and vibrant colour.

‘Musings’ isn’t so much a story on finding happiness, but more so an observation of how it feels to be content. Holly enjoys the way that contentment carries a general knowing that happiness and sadness, like all things in life hold a sense of impermance. They’ll always come and go, but their return is imminent.