OPENING NIGHT I SATURDAY the 11th of MAY, 6pm till 8pm

SHOWING DATES I FRIDAY the 10th of MAY till WEDNESDAY the 29th of MAY, 2024 




Indeah Clark is a dynamic visual artist working with contemporary concepts, seamlessly blending with low brow aesthetics with a multidisciplinary approach. Primarily known for her captivating work in ceramics and printmaking, Clark’s artistic journey extends across animation, painting, film photography, and sculpture, embodying a versatility that keeps audiences engaged and intrigued.

At the heart of Clark’s practice lies a deep-seated love for the repetition of color and form weaving intricate patterns and visual motifs that resonate with viewers on a profound level. Clark draws inspiration from the multifaceted identities that shape both her personal narrative and the broader community around her. Through her art, she delves into the complexities of human experience, exploring themes of identity, belonging, and cultural heritage. Her current major art influences are Kaylene Whiskey, Tony Albert, and Vincent Namatjira.


In my ceramic work, I explore the profound within the ordinary, delving into the essence of worship through the lens of everyday rituals. At the core of my creative journey lies a fascination with the seemingly mundane aspects of life. Rather than worshipping a revered abstract deity, I celebrate the tangible manifestations of sustenance, nourishment, and communal bonds that permeate our daily existence.

Through three-dimensional sculptures and slab works, I hope to capture the essence of these rituals, elevating them to the status of sacred artifacts. Whether it be the meticulous preparation of a nourishing meal or the bustling chaos of a communal kitchen, each sculpture serves as a totemic homage to the significance embedded within these experiences.

By exploring the intersection of the sacred and the mundane, my sculptures invite viewers to reconsider their perceptions of worship, urging them to find beauty and significance in the rituals that enrich and sustain our lives. Through my art, I seek to evoke a sense of reverence for the extraordinary within the ordinary, inviting viewers to find solace, connection, and spiritual resonance in the rituals of daily life.